Hello and welcome to our blog, ‘Life with the Thompsons.’

I’m Emma and I live in Nottinghamshire, UK with my partner Steve and our 2 beautiful children; Georgie (born in September 2017) and Molly (born in July 2019). Since starting our family we have been introduced to the crazy world that is parenting and everything which encompasses it.

I started documenting our journey all the way back when we found out we were pregnant with Georgie in January 2017 and have been going ever since. I decided that I want to continue to document our journey as a family of 4, and so ‘Life with the Thompsons’ was born.

Twenty-Seventeen feels like such a long time ago, but we were so excited to start life as a little family, the moment we saw Georgie we knew that the next chapter in our lives was going to be an exciting one and since having Molly our world has been thrown upside down yet again and we have been adjusting to life as a family of four. I had not appreciated how difficult juggling a family, work and lifestyle balance could be!

This blog is our little corner of the internet. A little place to document our adventures, talk about the highs and lows of parenting and share this rollercoaster journey with you guys.It’s a place that we can look back on as a family when the kids are older and share with them all of our experiences around trying to juggle life as a family of 4!

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