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A First Birthday Gift Guide For Your Baby

I cannot quite believe my littlest baby is turning one next month. One whole year of looking at her beautiful, cheeky smile. Ah, my smallest child is growing quickly. And so, with Molly’s all important first birthday looming I am desperately trying to think of some presents which I can buy her, that we don’t already have.. When your children have a playroom which is bursting at the seams with toys, this is quite a challenge! So, my first birthday gift guide is coming into play.


Struggling Through Life with Two Under Two | An Update

Let’s talk honestly. We’ve been struggling through life since we had two under two. It’s been really hard. Most days, I’ve felt like I’m just about keeping things a-float. Some days we’ve sunk. Well and truly sunk. It’s not been easy. Both children are learning and growing so quickly, demanding of attention and are getting to know one another; then you’re trying to support your family, work, juggle a million things.. Yes, it’s a struggle.


The Truth About the Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester was not a term that I had heard until I had my children. In fact, I had had my second child before I even heard the term. I have always thought that there is so much information about pregnancy and labour, and then it’s like you’re on your own from the minute you give birth. So much changes instantly when you have a newborn and in the blink of an eye your life is never the same again.


Dealing with the Sleepless Nights with a Newborn Baby

The lack of sleep that you experience when you have a newborn baby is something which you cannot prepare for. No matter how much people try and prepare you for the lack of sleep, until you experience having a newborn then you will not understand. I actually read somewhere online that the average parent looses 6 months worth of sleep in the first 24 months of their baby’s life, which I just think is crazy. Like actually 6 months?!


Little Fawn Subscription Box Review

When little fawn box got in touch with me earlier this year and asked me if I would like to try out their brand new subscription box which is tailor made for mum and baby, I jumped at the opportunity. A whilst back, I used to subscribe to a number of monthly boxes and I always loved the surprise of finding out what was inside them every month; so being able to receive a box each month for both me AND my baby, that was exciting.

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Baby Dove Products Review

The world of baby bath products can be a complete minefield, with so many different ones to choose from all seeming to offer different things. With so many on the shelves finding the one which is right for your family, and your baby, can be tough.


7 things I Wish I had Known as a New Mum (& the reasons why)

From the moment you find out that you’re expecting you spend 9 months trying to prepare yourself for your little bundle of joy. You spend hours researching and reading, to ensure you are going to give your baby the best start and that you feel ready for them to enter the world. But the truth is, nothing can really prepare you for being a new mum and no amount of reading is going to make being a new parent any less scary but there are a few things I wish I had known as a new mum, and here’s 7 of them.


The Early Days of Life with Two Under Two | An Update

I always knew that having two children in under 24 months was going to be a challenge, and throughout my pregnancy with Molly people were not shy in telling me. “You’re going to have your hands full”, “Wow, 2 under two” and “I hope you’re ready to be run ragged” were all phrases which I heard on an almost daily basis over those 9 months. And I remember thinking, ‘Yes, Thank you. I’m sure we will cope. How hard can it really be? People do it all the time!.. But the early days of life with two under two has been tough.