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Our Family Holiday | An Update (Thanks to Covid-19)

It feels like it was only yesterday that I was all excited to be telling you guys that we were going on holiday. And now here comes a family holiday update for you all. I’m sure you can guess what I’m about to write. It was something that we had booked in January, after saving up our money for a little while. Having not been away in 6 years, a holiday was something which I was greatly looking forward to. And then Coronavirus hit the world…


We’ve Booked a Holiday! (and I Can’t Wait to Share it with You All)

So exciting news guys! We’ve booked a holiday. Yesss! We are actually going on holiday, for the first time in six years. I actually can’t believe that it’s been that long since I last went abroad. Life really does get in the way and the years fly by and then before you know it, another year has past and you’ve not managed to get away. But now we have booked a holiday and I can’t wait!