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8 Things I Wish I had Known About Exclusive Pumping Before I got Started

I was so unprepared to start our exclusive pumping journey. It wasn’t a decision which I had made prior to Molly being born, it was a decision which I made because Molly struggled to latch, so I made it very spur of the moment. Because of this, I was totally ill-equipped for the first few days of our journey, and had to conduct a lot of research in order to get started properly. I did find that the information online was pretty limited, and there are definitely some things which I wish I had known about exclusive pumping before I got started, so I’ve put these together in a list which you might find helpful if you are considering exclusive pumping.


Top Essentials for an Exclusively Pumping Mum

So we all know that exclusive pumping is HARD, I’ve spoken about it now on numerous occasions and it’s never going to change. However, there is plenty of equipment out there to make your pumping journey easier. I only wish I’d known about it sooner! I say sooner, I’ve only been doing this thing for 6 weeks, but those 6 weeks haven’t exactly been plain sailing! In all of the research which I’ve been conducting over those weeks (and believe me there’s been many hours) I’ve found plenty of items which can help and so I’ve put together a list of equipment which I think will make your journey a whole lot simpler and easier. Okay, here goes..