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The Reality of Being a Frontline Worker During Covid-19

The reality of being a frontline worker during Covid-19 is something which has been talked about lots from the perspective of NHS workers. But it’s not something which I have seen being talked about from the perspective of parents. It’s a scary thing. Stepping into an unknown world, putting yourself in the face of the virus with a million questions running through your head.


Georgie’s Autism Diagnosis Journey | A Life Update

So today I want to share with you a bit about Georgie’s Autism diagnosis journey. This all started back in September 2019, when we had Georgie’s two year review with a health visitor and a community nurse. It was during this review that they picked up on some warning signs which caused them concern, in relation to Georgie’s development and progress, and decided to make a referral to our community paediatrician.


5 Tips for Getting Through a Hospital Stay With Your Toddler

Over the past month, I have spent more time in hospital with our toddler than I care to think about. It’s been a long journey, with countless sleepless night in a hopsital bed. Trying to work out what is going on for our son. Well, 4 weeks after he first became ill we finally have the answer! But it’s taken many tests, doctors and a couple of hospital stays to figure it out.