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The Truth About the Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester was not a term that I had heard until I had my children. In fact, I had had my second child before I even heard the term. I have always thought that there is so much information about pregnancy and labour, and then it’s like you’re on your own from the minute you give birth. So much changes instantly when you have a newborn and in the blink of an eye your life is never the same again.


5 Things That No One Tells You About Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant everyone talks about how much of a beautiful thing it is. And yes, it is beautiful but it can also be downright horrific. There are many pregnancy symptoms which are talked about in every book you read, common knowledge symptoms so to speak; like heartburn, weird cravings, back ache… you know the kind of thing. But there is also a whole hidden world of pregnancy symptoms which aren’t spoken about in everyday life, but definitely should be. Because some of them can be awful and you will spend 9 months of your life feeling like you wish you had known what to expect, because you probably would never have got pregnant in the first place!