Why I Will Never Regret Exclusively Pumping

When I sat down six months ago and decided that I was going to try exclusively pumping for Molly, I never would have thought I would get this far. Those early days, when I was in a sleep deprived, hormonal state were some of the darkest days of my parenting journey so far. I really struggled. And I still am struggling, even this far into my journey. Because exclusive pumping has taken everything which I have; physically, mentally, emotionally..


Dealing with the Sleepless Nights with a Newborn Baby

The lack of sleep that you experience when you have a newborn baby is something which you cannot prepare for. No matter how much people try and prepare you for the lack of sleep, until you experience having a newborn then you will not understand. I actually read somewhere online that the average parent looses 6 months worth of sleep in the first 24 months of their baby’s life, which I just think is crazy. Like actually 6 months?!


Little Fawn Subscription Box Review

When little fawn box got in touch with me earlier this year and asked me if I would like to try out their brand new subscription box which is tailor made for mum and baby, I jumped at the opportunity. A whilst back, I used to subscribe to a number of monthly boxes and I always loved the surprise of finding out what was inside them every month; so being able to receive a box each month for both me AND my baby, that was exciting.

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5 Things That No One Tells You About Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant everyone talks about how much of a beautiful thing it is. And yes, it is beautiful but it can also be downright horrific. There are many pregnancy symptoms which are talked about in every book you read, common knowledge symptoms so to speak; like heartburn, weird cravings, back ache… you know the kind of thing. But there is also a whole hidden world of pregnancy symptoms which aren’t spoken about in everyday life, but definitely should be. Because some of them can be awful and you will spend 9 months of your life feeling like you wish you had known what to expect, because you probably would never have got pregnant in the first place!


Baby Dove Products Review

The world of baby bath products can be a complete minefield, with so many different ones to choose from all seeming to offer different things. With so many on the shelves finding the one which is right for your family, and your baby, can be tough.


Our Exclusive Pumping Journey | Three Month Update

So it’s been two months since our last update (you can read that here if you’re interested) and I am excited to tell you all that we are still going strong on the exclusive pumping front – yay! Life has got easier in the last two months, as we have started adjusting to having a newborn and a toddler, and I now feel more emotionally stable to some degree. It’s still tough, but it’s getting easier and I feel a lot more relaxed about the whole situation these days.


8 Things I Wish I had Known About Exclusive Pumping Before I got Started

I was so unprepared to start our exclusive pumping journey. It wasn’t a decision which I had made prior to Molly being born, it was a decision which I made because Molly struggled to latch, so I made it very spur of the moment. Because of this, I was totally ill-equipped for the first few days of our journey, and had to conduct a lot of research in order to get started properly. I did find that the information online was pretty limited, and there are definitely some things which I wish I had known about exclusive pumping before I got started, so I’ve put these together in a list which you might find helpful if you are considering exclusive pumping.


7 things I Wish I had Known as a New Mum (& the reasons why)

From the moment you find out that you’re expecting you spend 9 months trying to prepare yourself for your little bundle of joy. You spend hours researching and reading, to ensure you are going to give your baby the best start and that you feel ready for them to enter the world. But the truth is, nothing can really prepare you for being a new mum and no amount of reading is going to make being a new parent any less scary but there are a few things I wish I had known as a new mum, and here’s 7 of them.


The Early Days of Life with Two Under Two | An Update

I always knew that having two children in under 24 months was going to be a challenge, and throughout my pregnancy with Molly people were not shy in telling me. “You’re going to have your hands full”, “Wow, 2 under two” and “I hope you’re ready to be run ragged” were all phrases which I heard on an almost daily basis over those 9 months. And I remember thinking, ‘Yes, Thank you. I’m sure we will cope. How hard can it really be? People do it all the time!.. But the early days of life with two under two has been tough.


Top Essentials for an Exclusively Pumping Mum | 8 Tips and Tricks |

So we all know that exclusive pumping is HARD, I’ve spoken about it now on numerous occasions and it’s never going to change. However, there is plenty of equipment out there to make your pumping journey easier. I only wish I’d known about it sooner! I say sooner, I’ve only been doing this thing for 6 weeks, but those 6 weeks haven’t exactly been plain sailing! In all of the research which I’ve been conducting over those weeks (and believe me there’s been many hours) I’ve found plenty of items which can help and so I’ve put together a list 8 Top essentials for an exclusively pumping Mum which I think will make your journey a whole lot simpler and easier. Okay, here goes..