When a woman gets pregnant everyone talks about how much of a beautiful thing it is. And yes, it is beautiful but it can also be downright horrific. There are many pregnancy symptoms which are talked about in every book you read, common knowledge symptoms so to speak; like heartburn, weird cravings, back ache… you know the kind of thing. But there is also a whole hidden world of pregnancy symptoms which aren’t spoken about in everyday life, but definitely should be. Because some of them can be awful and you will spend 9 months of your life feeling like you wish you had known what to expect, because you probably would never have got pregnant in the first place!

So I’ve put together a list of 5 things which I found out during pregnancy which I wish I had known about, and oh god this was hard because there are so many. So, if you don’t want to know then click away or you can read on to find out some pregnancy issues which you might want to learn about now.

  1. You will be an emotional wreck
    This one was the worst for me. If someone could have warned me how all over the place my emotions were going to be then that would have been great. If I wasn’t crying for no reason at all, then I was going to from laughing to raging mad in 2 seconds flat. And that was just in the first few weeks! Aside from my experiences of exclusive pumping, I don’t think I have ever experienced so many emotions at once as I did during my pregnancy. Oh, and it doesn’t end when you give birth by the way. This carried on for a good few weeks following the birth, my partner honestly couldn’t keep up with me for quite a while and I couldn’t explain how I was feeling either.

  2. The leg cramps are horrific, and you might get restless legs too
    Let’s talk about legs. If sleeping during pregnancy isn’t hard enough, then being suddenly awoken by a shooting, burning pain in the middle of the night which runs all down your leg is never going to be fun. I was struck bad with this, throughout my whole third trimester. And if the leg cramp wasn’t bad enough, then couple that with legs which feel like they are possessed by a supernatural spirit because you physically cannot keep them still. Yea, that’s the restless leg syndrome. It literally feels like your legs are going to run away from your body.

  3. Morning sickness doesn’t just occur in the morning
    If ever an illness had a deceptive name, this is it. If you’re not constantly feeling like you’re going to throw up every minute of the day, then you might find yourself being sick at random times when you least expect it, or just constantly. A friend of mine had to carry sick bags around in the car with her, as she would just randomly throw up whilst she was driving. Yea, this is a thing which you have to get used to. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer with any sickness during pregnancy… lucky you!

  4. Your skin will itch like you’ve rolled in a pile of nettles
    I never even thought about this in terms of stretching skin might be itchy, so I guess I was even shocked when my belly got itchy as I grew and grew. But it’s not just your belly, it’s your whole body. And it’s like one of the unsatisfiable itches that you just can’t get rid of. Ergh! My advice, invest in a back scratcher, seriously.
    * Also; this can be a sign of a very rare liver disorder which affects some pregnant women, so it’s best to speak to your doctor about itching if you are at all concerned.

  5. You won’t necessarily enjoy your pregnancy.. and that’s ok!
    Pregnancy is hard work. Growing a little human inside you, that’s tough. Ok. So no one expects you to enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, or even enjoy it at all. There will always be people who try and make you feel bad, saying that you should remember that not everyone can get pregnant, that you should appreciate every moment because you will miss it as soon as you give birth etc. But ignore them. Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing which should be appreciated, but it’s impossible to enjoy every single second when there is so much else going on and your pregnancy is no less valid just because you don’t enjoy every moment. Feel how you want, because it’s your journey and it’s not easy.

If you’ve read to the end of this list, then you are probably wondering why anyone would want to get pregnant, indeed why women get pregnant more than once! But the truth is, the moment you hold your tiny baby in your arms you instantly forget about everything you’ve gone through for the last nine months. The woman’s body is an amazing thing, and you should always remember that you can do this!

What was the one thing you wish that you had known about pregnancy? Feel free to share your ideas/experiences below in the comments, or send us an email from our contact page – we love hearing from you!

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