The Covid19 Outbreak has turned the world upside down. It’s an unknown and unprecedented time, and it seems to have sent the world absolutely mad. There’s no food in the shops, you can’t buy toilet roll for love nor money and everything around us seems to be closing. Life is changing daily, and people are struggling to keep up with everything which is going on.

I’ve always been very lucky in that I have always had relatively good mental health. It’s not something which I have really struggled with but I’ll be honest with you, since the Covid19 outbreak I’ve been struggling. I think many of us have. It’s a scary time. We don’t know how long this is going to go on for or even what the next few hours, days or weeks might bring.

In a world which is constantly changing on a daily basis, it’s hard not to panic. It’s hard to keep calm when we do not know what might happen tomorrow. What new rules might be brought in or what we are going to be expected to do. It’s hard to keep calm when you walk into a shop and there’s no food on the shelves and no baby formula in sight.

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress. A feeling of fear over what is about to come. And so in times like this, it’s surely a natural response to feel anxious? But knowing that doesn’t make me feel any better about it. People telling me not to panic doesn’t make me feel any better about it either. If anything, that makes me feel worse because I feel like my response is unnatural, although seemingly it’s completely natural given the cricumstances.

Right now it might feel like you want to dig a hole and bury yourself in it until all of this blows over. That’s probably not possible, especially if like me you’ve got children to look after and a job to hold down. So in the meantime, let me give you some tips on dealing with, and managing anxiety during the Covid19 outbreak.

  1. Keep in touch with family and friends
    In a world where we are meant to be social distancing, it can feel like a lonely place. Especially if you live on your own. But thank goodness for technology; because luckily most of us can still get in touch with family, friends and loved ones in some way. And we can do this pretty easily. Use this to your advantage and reach out to those closest to you. Check in on them. Make sure they are well. And speak about how you are feeling, because it will help! I’ve had countless conversations with my mum this week (thanks mum!) and it has helped. Just remember, avoid face-to-face contact with as many people as possible and use other methods of communication instead. There’s plenty of apps, video call’s and messaging services to help you stay in touch.

  2. Limit your time on social media and the internet
    For all of the good which social media does, it can be a scary place. A media fuelled, jungle pit of mixed messages. Some truth, some lies. And it can be really hard to work out fact from fiction. If you are going to use social media then make sure you don’t spend hours and hours searching for news about the Covid19 outbreak, because I can guarantee you will make yourself more anxious! It may be beneficial to pick a time of day when you want to catch up on news about the Covid19 situation, and stick to only listening to the media, or searching up the latest information at that time. Otherwise, it’s too easy to fall into a trap and spend all day reading the news.

  3. Focus on the things which you can control
    Of course you’re going to be concentrating on the things which you can’t control. Like whether places are going to stay open, or shut. How much food is on the shelves in the supermarkets. How quickly the virus is going to spread. There’s 101 different questions which you probably have, like me. But I’ve realised that focusing on these things will make your anxiety worse. There is nothing which we can do about these things. Instead try thinking about ways in which you can keep you and your loved ones healthy. Think about things which you can do at the moment and in the near future, or fun activities you can do with the kids. By focusing on these things, you will feel more in control of the situation and less anxious about the things which are beyond your control!

  4. Exercise & eat well
    I’m a sucker for a snack. I’m an emotional eater, and believe me I know how easy it is just to grab a snack or eat junk food when you don’t feel great in yourself. But eating healthily really does make a difference to your mental well-being. Along with exercising too. Picking yourself up off of the sofa for even just 30 minutes a day and doing some kind of exercise will help you to feel more positive, which is more important than ever in current society! Also, with so many gyms closing it’s important to find other ways to stay active – You could consider a home workout, a fitness DVD or a run in your local park (as long as you’re at least 2 meters away from another person) to help you keep active and healthy. What is it that they say? Healthy body, health mind.

  5. Remember this will all blow over!
    At the end of the day, at some point this will come to and end. It might not seem like it, but it will. Look at China, they’ve just closed down their last Coronavirus hospital because they’ve not had enough new cases in recent days to keep them open! Soon, this will all be forgotten about and it will be a distant memory and something which is spoken about in years to come. Probably even something which we will speak about with future generations; but it will be over. So focus on positives and concentrate on spending time with loved ones and making the most of this situation wherever you can. Because dwelling on the negatives isn’t good with helping that anxiety!

I will be the first to admit I’ve been struggling with my anxiety during the recent outbreak of Covid19. And I know that there will be plenty of other people in the same situation, because we are in this together. And whilst social distancing might make the world seem very lonely, you aren’t alone in this.

I’ve tried to give some tips which have been working for me, and for others who I know but it is tough at the moment. Please, if you are struggling seek advice and support from people close to you, healthcare professionals or online support websites who are able to help. And please, stay safe.

Do you have any tips for dealing with anxiety during the Covid19 Outbreak? Perhaps you can offer some advice to other people who may be struggling at the moment. Leave a comment below, or drop us an email using our contact form because we always love hearing from you! We will be sure to share any useful advice on the blog and our social media accounts as well.

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