Since the last update, although there has been no further Paediatrician appointment, Georgie’s diagnosis journey has continued to progress. Update #3 is coming now following more appointments, assessments and referrals. It’s been a busy couple of months for us here. We have not stopped pushing to get Georgie the help which he needs. We are finding that it involves so many highs and lows. But the journey which this is taking us on as a family is incredible.

This past few weeks have been quite a struggle for me personally. I am such a positive person and don’t generally let Georgie’s journey get to me. I try to remain focused on the good things. As Georgie is getting older, the difference between him and other children his age s becoming a lot more obvious. People are starting to notice in public – staring, talking and laughing. How am I meant to deal with that?

Accepting that this is going to be a part of life as Georgie grows up is something which we are coming to terms with. For the most part, I ignore these people. Georgie doesn’t notice and he is so happy that I don’t even care. But why is it fair that my boy should have to go through all of this?!

Perhaps the most obvious sign to other people is the stimming. The sensory difficulties which Georgie has and the lack of response/interaction are also becoming obvious too. These are the things, which at a glance make Georgie seem different from other children.

I spend a lot of my time whilst we are out praying for people not to try and talk to Georgie. Hoping that his lack of response isn’t going to lead to questions, and comments. I don’t have any problems talking about, or explaining, Georgie’s difficulties but sometimes you do get fed up of answering the same questions over and over.

I’m very much trying to keep update #3 a positive one. Georgie’s journey has really progressed over the past couple of months, and now that the ball is properly rolling we are getting so much support for him. Support which he needs.

Georgie is now under a couple more specialists. This is mainly for his eating issues and his mobility difficulties due to him having flat feet (something we have recently discovered). He now has specialist insoles which he has to wear every day, but it’s looking likely that he may need AFO braces to support him. His food issues are becoming more obvious now he is older. He shovels food into his mouth, has no concept of when his mouth is full and doesn’t chew properly. We do think that this is a result of his sensory processing difficulties, but we are in the process of having this assessed by a specialist to ensure there are no physical issues which are causing this.

Oh, the one downfall which we have had since the last update is that Georgie is being held back at nursery. He was due to move to the pre-school room at the beginning of this month, but they haven’t got support in place so aren’t moving him. The early years’ specialist is due to be coming out to assess him, but she hasn’t been able to due to Covid19 restrictions. So that has put a spanner in the works. But we remain positive and keep pushing forward for Georgie.

This has been update #3. I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet. I am going to touch on some of the different bits which I have mentioned across the blog in more details on separate posts; such as stimming etc. So if there is anything which you want me to specifically talk about, then do let me know.

Are you a parent who has been on a diagnosis journey? Perhaps you are also on a journey right now. Can you offer and advice or support for other parents who might be going through a similar experience? Leave a comment below, or drop us an email using our contact form because we always love hearing from you! We will be sure to share any useful advice on the blog and our social media accounts as well.

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