The reality of being a frontline worker during Covid-19 is something which has been talked about lots from the perspective of NHS workers. But it’s not something which I have seen being talked about from the perspective of parents. It’s a scary thing. Stepping into an unknown world, putting yourself in the face of the virus with a million questions running through your head.

What is it which we are truly facing? What happens if I bring this home to my family? To my children? What if they suffer the worst symptoms, is that going to be my fault? How can I protect myself? How can I protect my family? These are some of the many fears and questions which I have as a mother, as a fiancé, as an adult.

When Covid-19 shook our nation, back in March 2020, it was unknown. It still is unknown. Every single day I step out of my house and into the face of the virus. I put the safety and life of others before my very own, because that is what I have to do. That is what others depend on me doing.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it previously, but I work in a children’s residential home. It is my job to go to work every single day, protecting some of the most vulnerable children in society. I have a huge responsibility to those children, and that does not stop. That does not change because our world is greeted with a national pandemic. Those children rely on me every single day, and that doesn’t change.

Unfortunately, there is no option for me to work from home. Regardless of my family, my children, my loved ones. I have to physically go to work because the children I look after cannot do this themselves. But I know, that every time I go and work a shift I am risking bringing Covid19 back into our family home.

This is scary. Yes, I appreciate that it has been scary for everyone, but for those of us who work on the frontline the reality of the situation perhaps dawns on us more. We could literally come into contact with anyone whilst we are at work, those who are unwell, those who have seen someone with Covid19, those who are suffering without symptoms.. we do not know.

Not until it’s too late anyway, and before we know it we have spread the virus to our loved ones, our children. Those who we care about the most and have a duty to protect, but we are somewhat putting them in harms way because of the jobs which we do.

I am so thankful that we have managed to avoid the virus in our household so far; to our knowledge anyway! Neither of my children have become unwell, and Steve & I seem to be in good health too. I am praying that it stays that way because I am not sure that I would forgive myself if I bought this virus back into our family home. And I know it can’t be helped, but it’s something that weighs heavily on my mind every single time I step outside of our front door.

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