The world of baby bath products can be a complete minefield, with so many different ones to choose from all seeming to offer different things. With so many on the shelves finding the one which is right for your family, and your baby, can be tough.

When my babies were born, I knew I wanted to use the purest products on their skin. Babies skin is so precious. In fact did you know that babies skin is 30% thinner than adults? Which makes it more likely to loose moisture and become drier. So I didn’t want to be using products containing lots of chemicals which could cause their skin to become overly sensitive and dry. As Georgie’s got older, we have noticed that his skin can be sensitive to some products, he was getting dry patches on his head and back and he gets the WORST nappy rash when he is teething (sometimes to the point where he can’t even sit down). So we were even more keen to find products which were kind and gentle on his skin, conscious of the ingredients which they contain.

After trying out numerous products which haven’t worked, finding the Baby Dove range, which is dermatologically tested, paediatrician approved and nourishing for baby’s delicate skin, was a godsend as a mum. And the fact they do a range which is fragrance-free, called ‘Sensitive Moisture’ was perfect for Georgie and I was happy to use this for Molly as well, even as a newborn. Baby Dove also have a second range, called Rich Moisture, which has the same assurances as the Sensitive Range, it just contains some fragrances.

Each range contains Head to Toe Wash, Lotion, Shampoo and Wipes; and the Rich Moisture Range also includes a Moisture Bar and Nappy Cream as well. We have been using the shampoo and the Head to Toe wash from the sensitive range on both our babies, and I cannot recommend it enough. We immediately noticed how gentle it was on the skin and how soft their skin felt after bath time. We have also noticed the dry, red patches which Georgie has on his scalp and back are finally clearing up and he’s not had any more flare ups either since using the baby dove products.

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Head to Toe Wash
This is my favourite product in the baby dove range. It contains 100% skin-natural nutrients, is fragrance-free and contains 0 dyes, paragons, phthalates or sulphates making it as gentle as water, helping to keep babies skin hydrated and moisturised. It comes in a handy 400ml bottle with a pump head, or a smaller 200ml version, which makes it super easy to use during bath time. You can easily support your baby with one hand and use the pump bottle with the other to get the wash out. It leaves babies skin feeling super smooth and from the first wash you can feel it working. Its hypoallergenic formula allows it to support the skins natural health and protects the microbiome layer* by being pH neutral. I love the fact that this is safe to use with newborns because Georgie and Molly enjoy sharing a bath and this product means that they can do that and we can use this wash for the both of them without worrying.

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Shampoo
Although you can use the head to toe wash on hair, we purchased the shampoo from the sensitive moisture range as well to try and help resolve the sore, flaky spots of dry skin on Georgie’s scalp and behind his ears. The bottle states that it is suitable for cradle cap so that was perfect for what we wanted. It has the same assurances as the Head to Toe wash in regards to what is contained within the product, also meaning that it is 100% natural and supports the natural health of your babies skin. From the first use we noticed that the dry skin on Georgie’s head was less flaky after coming out of the bath and over a few weeks we have continued to see a massive improvement in these dry patches, with his head almost clear now and his ears remarkably less red and sore.

Alongside the Sensitive Moisture Range, we have been using the Rich Moisture Baby Wipes and Moisture Bar with Molly which a family friend gifted to us when she was born. These products have not failed to impress us; they smell gorgeous and are so gentle on her skin, leaving it feeling super smooth.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wipes
Coming as a pack of 50, this handy size pack of baby wipes has been amazing for cleaning up after Molly! Newborn Meconium can be a real hassle to clean up but these wipes honestly allowed us to do it with ease. They are perfectly soft and glide over the skin well, so you don’t have to rub and scrub to get the bottom clean like you do with some wipes. We have used these wipes since Molly was born and she has never suffered from any redness or soreness at all; probably helped by the fact the wipes are alcohol free and hypoallergenic. These are a firm favourite in our changing bag and we are definitely going to be purchasing some of the Sensitive Moisture ones to use with Georgie.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar
I have always been a fan of the Dove Beauty bar and now it comes in baby form! I was so excited when we received this in a gift pack for Molly, and it has not disappointed. Part of the Rich Moisture Range, this smells amazing (Dove describe it as a comforting fragrance) and is perfect to use when Molly has a bath. It’s really light and easy to move across her skin, it lathers up really well with the water and is perfect for keeping her skin hydrated and moisturised.

Well, it’s decided. The Dove Baby products are going to be a firm favourite of ours and will probably be a part of our bathing/changing routine for the foreseeable future. What are your favourite bathtime/changing products?

*Since using Baby Dove Products, I have discovered that the microbiome layer is a living layer protecting the babies skin. It can be affected by pH balance, and that is why the products being pH neutral is so vitally important.

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